Destructive instinct(lead us not into temptation)

        Destructive instinct Starring-josh markson   Gloria maxwell     Writter-M.H philemon Director-M.H philemon                      My name is josh markson,today I am learning… Continue reading

Destructive Instincts 

  Self manipulation remains a difficult thing till date.It is easier to control things and to determine the outcome of a thing via certain crafty manipulations.people fail in life more often when they breakdown.To… Continue reading


“Sharon how dare you lie to me, oh! so you have grown wings right?? I demand that you say the truth right now!!”…my mum said. I seriously didn’t know what to tell this… Continue reading


Endtime calls for men and women to seek d face of God…..time to ask for mercy in respect of d evil dat are yet to happen……evil days are here again,it takes prayers to… Continue reading

Things we do for love

Lovers shade no tears,rather care….wen der is laughter in d air, people smile and 4get their sorrows….happiness everywere,u have no reason to cry wen ur feelings r right.we sacrifice,exchange words,sing and sumtimes die… Continue reading

Biological Magical loving

Løvë ï$ d ßa$íc unit of lìving organism…it is found in d biøsphere….wen u find d attraction,like d catalyst,speed up d reactiön,b4 love fusion,check if u belong to d same love group….no need… Continue reading


Verily verily i say unto u,except a man b born again,he will neva see d kingdom of GOD………just except.   A loud voice publication 

Nearest In Meaning

Løvè so simple like A.B.C,requires service like N.Y.S.C,open to all like B.B.C, Supporters möre dan C.P.C,plays no politics like P.D.P…Everybody is is empty,got dat feeling,who can fill it?sumtin is missing in ur sentence,so… Continue reading

Un-conditional loving

Hey listen 2 wat i have 2say,not 4rm d west side but 4rm my inside,got d insight,found d way outside…….life turned out 2b insane suddenly,human beings d same,so much wickedness,mere mortals living like… Continue reading

Pepper Snacks

kool breez made me,freez while sitting @ d sea shore,i was sure i saw a dove from above.. she had it all,TRIED wen she made me fall in d hall as she LIED,hit my… Continue reading