(See Photo) See Man to be buried with Ooni of Ife.

This guy pictured below will be buried along side with the Ooni of Ife, See full picture below..


According to Yoruba tradition, a king does not die alone. His burial rites include being buried with other people. This is when an Abobaku comes into the picture. An Abobaku lives his life for the king and he is buried alongside the king. In the authentic tradition, just as there is a lineage that become king, there is also always a family dedicated to the ancient belief of dying with the king. An Abobaku also enjoys great benefits while he is still alive,the man pictured above is the Abobaku, he alone will be buried alive on friday 14th August 2015 to accompany the late Ooni of Ife as he journies to meet with his ancestors in the land of the unknown.