Life After The NYSC: The Grim Reality!

To start with, if you haven’t started pondering what will become of your life and career after the NYSC, you’re already in a very big trouble. 
Ours is a society where parents and guardians believe that training their kids or assisting adolescents end the moment after their graduation from the higher institutions. I believe that’s terribly wrong BUT that’s the relentless reality. Once you’re out of the higher institutions, you’re ON YOUR OWN. 
Whether you like to believe it or not, there’s no free lunch waiting for everyone after their NYSC. Except your parents are top politicians, the average one of us will have to fight for their survival after the NYSC. 
Our lives are rated in time. So to waste time is to waste our lives. I wish I could drop all I discussed recently with a neighbour when she told me she will be going for her NYSC very soon. 
To many this one year is a year of enjoyment and frivolities. If you’re in that category, perish the idea. This one year is one of the most important period in your life. This one year should be spent planning your future, pondering what exactly you want to do, where you’ll love to work, where you’ll like to live, what you’ll do if there’s no job in the first one or two years. The fact is, many shall be worn out jobs in their first few years after the NYSC. You may say GOD FORBID, but again that’s the bitter truth. 
As a corper or prospective one, I advise you save at least 10% of your allowance EVERYONE MONTH. You’ve got no choice. The first year after service is usually the most challenging for most graduates, because that’s the very first time they’re experiencing the reality of life. The euphoria of school and NYSC are over and the brutal reality stare them in the face. Save your money. Have an idea what you may do. Plan your years ahead. 
Learn a skill. The present economic times are challenging. Folks are losing jobs everyday. The prevailing economic downturn may be around till next year. You need to be prepared. This news should discourage you, instead let it make you become very proactive and forward thinking. If there’s any skill you love to learn, this is the best and most appropriate time. 
It takes a lot more than being a graduate to succeed. It takes planning, plan B, focus, discipline and determination to succeed. Being without a job is the worst position one can find themselves. 
With a little discipline and vision, impending joblessness and the accompanying depression can be avoided. Be smart.