Confusion In Swahli Market As Man Was Alleged To Have Defiled A 12year Old Girl 

The popular Swahli market in Yenagoa LGA of Bayelsa state was thrown into chaos and violence as a man who hawks Pure water was said to have defiled a 12year old girl at the back of a car park.
The girl went to a friend of her mother who is also a trader in the market to report the issue after the incident occurred. The lady Then chased after the man and made a huge scene by hitting and yelling at him. This called the attention of sellers and buyers and the man was almost lynched if not for the presence of the Military men. 
The girl was asked by the policemen if the accusation was true and She replied “Yes, he say make I remove my pant and use him finger dey put for my …..”…. 
The Policemen took the man away and this were the few pictures I could take as they refused us Any snapping during the whole incident. 
One of the women who also have a shop in the market alleged that this isn’t the first time the accused man has been tagged with such act.