Photos Of Linda Ikeji’s Mansion In Banana Island

Laura Ikeji, Linda’s younger sister shared more of the photos of her Banana Island mansion and wrote:
”No, it’s not a block of flats, no it’s not rented, @officiallindaikeji bought this banana island mansion with her sweat. Can somebody tell her to allow me post more pics, choi. Hehe. #glasshouse #whitehouse #bananaisland”

”She’ll literally kill me for putting up this pix but what tha hell, a bloody Instagram celeb Jor, she can’t do noin. View of the new neighborhood. Hey Adenuga!!! banana island is bae”
”Who wants to see @officiallindaikeji walk in closet Pls help ask her to give me the permission to show u guys. It’s sick. The swimming pool is sicker, I am sickest. Hehehe. #bananaisland #mostexclusiveneighbourhoodin9ja”