How Ghanaian, Kevin Okyere Made Billions In Nigerian’s Petroleum Sector 

Every physician has his favourite ailment, as ladies of easy virtue their fondest tricks. A horrid vice endears itself to its patron. Like a terminal disease, Kevin Okyere, proprietor of Springfield Oil and Gas dug his claws into the heart of the Nigerian petroleum sector, leaving monumental loss and tragedy in his wake. 
It was an open secret that Kevin was a favourite contractor with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and that was because he enjoyed a soft spot in the heart of Diezani Alison-Madueke, Nigeria’s former petroleum minister.
It was common knowledge within government circles that Kevin not only ran a ‘kitchen cabinet’ with Diezani, he also secured multiple mouth-watering deals from her.
So pronounced was his influence that the situation soon gave rise to a common joke within NNPC. Each time any deal is brought to Diezani she would subtly chip in: “I think Kevin can do it, I trust him. Let’s give it to him.”
That Diezani Alison-Madueke made a lot of men billionaires is no longer news. The former Nigerian Petroleum Minister is an alluring bulk of beauty, brains and a shining loveliness that attracts the best and most glamorous of the male pack to her, as pollen nectar draws butterflies to its sweetness.
Kevin made a lot of money through Diezani no doubt and by the proceeds, he lived a charmed life. So sensational and pleasurable was his life that he persistently elicited feelings of envy among his peers back home in Ghana. Watching Kevin feed fat on the Nigerian oil industry made many of his friends and business associates in Ghana green with envy.
Nonetheless, Kelvin, a Ghanaian, aided by Diezani fattened his hide and his bank account from several shady deals in the oil sector. While Nigerians groaned under a crushing economic climate accentuated by dwindling oil revenue, Kelvin, according to investigations, was part of the reprehensible oil cartel that plundered the nation’s oil wealth and plunged Nigerians into gritting impoverishment and agony.
There was no respite in sight for millions of impoverished Nigerians on the receiving end of Kelvin and Diezani’s unholy alliance and that was because former President Goodluck Jonathan allegedly benefited from their shady deals while he was in power . The former president was allegedly a beneficiary of the illicit but lucrative oil deals brokered Diezani and Kelvin. 
A young man with fine epicurean and exquisite sartorial tastes, Kelvin’s relocation to Nigeria from Ghana many years back opened him up to a higher level of social exploration. From Dubai to Miami and everywhere else with sandy beaches, poplar-lined esplanades and beautiful women, Kelvin was there in his full glory. And he was never coy about showing off his life on the fast lane, especially his penchant for champagne on wild boat cruises. So we heard.