SOLUTION : Low Storage Memory Of Your Gadgets

Over time people do complain about their mobile phones,Tablets etc running out of memory.. especially whenever they try to download something and it ends up telling them “MEMORY FULL” or NO MORE MEMORY.
1.Why do I keep getting Low storage message even when i have so much storage free?

This specifically happens more on andriod phones RIGHT? yea,i know.
Your internal storage has two partitions, Phone Storage and Internal Storage. The internal storage is all you get to store applications. The other partition that is the phone storage is treated as a SD card by your device and Google APIs, and this is the root of all confusion. So you might have storage space available on phone storage but you can’t install apps on it.All preloaded apps are installed on precious internal storage space. Most users won’t find this problematic as 2 GB is good enough for Apps, for an average user. What makes matter worse is apps dumping their data in this storage space and several logs which can go up to 100s of MB.

*Some of you try minimizing cost therefore end up buying phones that are 1gb ram even some of the phones with 2gb ram wont still be enough or complete.
*Some dont even tend to read phone specifications,they just saw a flashy phone or tablet and they rush to get it at the end of the day,they get frustrated and starts complaining.
*Some get a particular kind of gadget cos their friends or someone they know are using it,without much knowledge on it they go buying.
2.Why you can’t have both Unified storage and Apps on SD card?

There is no hardware restriction to it, but this will make everything complicated. With security issues addressed in Android Kitkat, the goal is even more difficult to realize in practice. In Google engineer Dan Morrill’s own words – “One of the core Android principles is that you never need a file manager. Ever. We wanted to avoid the obnoxious “sneeze and a file picker appears” syndrome of basically every other OS. Local data that apps know how to handle should just be magically available within the apps, or stored in the cloud. You shouldn’t have to go spelunking on your SD card to find data.
BREIF SOLUTIONS TO Fix Low storage Problem on Android ” Gadgets To Use

1.Clear App Cache and Data :You can clear App cache and data as a temporary measure. There are several apps like Link2SD and other App Cache cleaners which will allow you to wipe all cache at once, however this isn’t recommended unless absolutely necessary. Remove Data of Apps you rarely use or even apps like Facebook, Google+, SMS Messages and internet browsers is something which can help free considerable space. Many Android users have several SMs.
2:Move data to SD card :Less memory means extra storage space and that means you need an SD card. This is the first thing that you must have figured out, but practically implementing this can be a great distress in itself. To begin with transfer apps that can be transferred to SD card using Apps like Link2SD and check default write disk in Settings>>Storage as SD card.

You can have several GB of Free space on SD card and yet get low storage message. This is due to limited internal storage partition being filled to brim with some space reserved for updates and preloaded app data. This problem can be better resolved only by rooting. Apart from Apps, you can always move pictures and other media files to SD Card to free considerable space. 
3 Lucky Patcher and Other Apps

4Analyse and Remove Apps

WELL presently i will recommend some gadgets with cool and complete memory that is currently in nigeria from 2gb ram up
we have 
samsung tablets

Bryte Tablet

Asus Nexus

Hp products and Windows also
i am open to more questions please feel free to ask more questions. and feel free to drop other recommendations