Shocking! Popular Yoruba Actress Turns Monster After Using Bleaching Cream 

Wonder they say shall never end, that is the adage that aptly illustrate the pity condition of a popular Yoruba actress, who is rumored to have turned a monster after consuming series of peroxide creams. The picture below was leaked to us by a Splendormag reader on bbm, and it was tagged to the name of a star actress who shuttles between Nigeria and UK but we’ll leave out her name. She lives at Magodo Estate, Lagos Nigeria. She got into acting in 2002. She was said to have taken the photo with a self-timer camera and sent it to a very close friend on bbm asking for her advice on solution to the bleaching. The friend unfortunately shared it with another friend. Now, the pic is gradually going viral.We want to believe this didn’t happen because of money or fashion but her stupidity, because whether you are dark or light in complexion, you will still be attractive to a real man. So why bleach?  
Let’s hope she will get the confidence to come out in public soon and by the time she finally comes out and her identity becomes public, remember you read it here first.