Man Inserts Iron Rod, Pepper Into Wife’s Private Part Over Adultery Allegation 

A wicked husband identified as Terfa from a village in Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State, was almost lynched by residents of the community after he reportedly battered his wife and inserted an iron rod and pepper inside her private part because he suspected she had sex with another man.
According to a Pulse reader who is from the village, Terfa, a yam farmer who is very hot tempered and feared by many, had always been harsh on his two wives and was also quick to go into a fight with any man who as much as greets them in his presence.
On the day of the incident, it was gathered that the junior wife had gone to a market in the town and came back late, to the annoyance of her husband who accused her of seeing other men.
The woman tried to plead that the vehicle she boarded broke down on the way but her husband would not hear of the explanation and descended heavily on her.
Not done with the beating, he tied her down, inserted an iron rod and ground pepper in her private part It was the first wife that ran out and inform the village head who mobilized men to go to the woman rescue and by that time, she was bleeding profusely. 
She was rescued and taken to a nearby clinic to treat her wounds while the young men pounced on Terfa and almost beat him to death but for the intervention of the village head.