A question for you- Should I go for Beauty or Manners?

I am limping between decisions, I need your piece of advice to buoy my wobbling senses. A well educated lady is in my radar, I like ladies that control grammar very well, in fact I am a sucker for such ladies. This my lady controls grammar so well and she is beautiful, a graduate.
Now, I also have a young lady that comes around, and I observed that they are both different in manners. She is not a graduate, she stopped at secondary school level due to finance problem. 
When this not so schooled lady comes around she always notices disorganized things and would arrange them, would notice dirty floor and mop up,wash dirty dishes etc. She would not greet me without bending her left knee slightly to show respect. She is not as beautiful as the educated lady though.
The graduate lady do none of these things, all we do is just gist.
Lately the school cert lady makes me feel the warmth of a caring lady, I am beginning to notice her more.
I am a graduate with tastes, I don’t know what I want again, I am confused, somebody advise.