Destructive Instincts 

  Self manipulation remains a difficult thing till date.It is easier to control things and to determine the outcome of a thing via certain crafty manipulations.people fail in life more often when they breakdown.To breakdown is to have a destructive experience on your pathway to destiny,also to breakdown is to experience an unexpected break on your journey through life.what causes the sad story is not the break but when you go down.To go down is to accept defeat or to breakdown in life is taking a break to go down.there is a conflicting instinct and a shift in discernment when a man is broken down. 

 Any kind of breakdown either emotional or mental breakdown etc have similar or twin disturbing effects which have lead people to alcoholism or even to do the unspeakable in the process of trying to get out of it.There is a loss of control when there is a break-failure.anyone broken down needs a helping hand,from divinity.The right people,right word,the right instincts is needed at a broken point. 
        Reposition your life,hold on to God and his promises.when you breakdown don’t stay down. 

          Written and published by

     M. Philemon habila publication.