How To Keep Your Jobs In A Difficult Economy – Entrepreneurs Advise Workers 

It’s usually very difficult for both employers and employees to keep their jobs and fly higher in a difficult economy. Such is the situation of things right now with some entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to. However, they all highlighted some ways of dealing with the situation.

Sulcata Entertainment
Employees need to be able to multi task. Learn to do more than your primary duty. Be able to do A, B, C and D, not just A. Aside that, employees should be diligent, be on top of their game. During downsizing of staff, employers will most likely set aside those that are less productive as against those that can multi task because with them there’s more value for money.
On the part of the employer, he should learn to guide his staff. Most employees are scared of going away from their brief or primary job description, not because they can’t but the fear of being scolded for doing what they were not assigned to. Employers should learn to be appreciative of their staff. Also, conduct training to improve the skills.

Tooshme Studio
Staff members need to be willing to work for the progress of the company. For Tooshme Studio, our staffers must be willing to work with me to ensure we satisfy every single client that walks into our studio. We are into beauty business, we must avoid mistakes, so our clients are happy to patronise us.
The criteria for Tooshme Studio to keep a staff is that he/she must be willing to understand our clientele and willing to learn to satisfy their needs.

Fisolak Global Resources Ltd.
As an entrepreneur, I always do everything possible within my capacity to keep my business flying irrespective of the poor economic situation of the country. Things are generally tight at the moment but I believe it’s just for a while. It’s just a kind of sacrifice we all need to pay for the betterment of our dear fatherland. I do things according to the dictates of the economy.
And the kind of advice I always give my workers is that which resolves around honesty, hard work, loyalty and dedication to work irrespective of the prevailing circumstance with the belief that things will be back to normal again very soon.

We’re in a difficult time as far as Nigeria economy is concerned, no doubt about that. But all I think we all need to do as Nigerians is cut our coat according to our cloth. As an employer, I don’t go beyond my limit. I don’t promise my workers what I can’t afford. And I am trying to be more creative as an entertainer to remain relevant in the industry. Equally, I always advise my staffers to go beyond the call of duty by constantly coming up with initiatives that will drive their jobs higher. We have all become brothers. So, it’s very difficult to fire any of them but they should also sit-up.

We’re in a tough economy as you rightly said, but everything doesn’t end at that. The kind of challenge we’re going through now is the one that will enable us rededicate ourselves to our various jobs.
As an employer, I need to be more creative in my field to keep my job. And for the employees, they also need to be more creative in their respective areas. They should be ready to go the extra mile to retain their job. They should double their loyalty and work towards salvaging the situation together. They should always be ready to do the right thing at the right time.

Staffers need to more than ever show their support and commitment in every way, to their employers, and that goes a long way to encourage the employers even in hard times, and thus keep the employees in employment. It’s simple. I maintain a very cordial relationship with my staffers, such that they feel a lot like family already.