Arugbo ojo (ancient of days) lyrics-by minister kenn

Pre-Song:Oh God of Abraham, Isaac, David and my family

Ruler of the universe we have come to give you all the praise today

And we declare that from generation to generation

Thou art God forevermore
The heavens declare, Your power and royalty

Lord You reign

King of all ages, You are the Ancient of days

Lord You reign

Your throne is established, In justice and righteousness

Lord You reign

Great are You Lord, And greatly to be praised

Lord You reign

We cry Holy, Holy, is our God

Let Your glory, glory, fill this place
Arugbo Ojo (The Ancient of Days) x2

Iwo l’aseda, l’awon eda, l’ameda o! (Creator of all, possessing all knowledge)

Arugbo Ojo (The Ancient of Days) x2

Iwo l’oni iyin, kaabo, kaabo, Ma rora (All praises are yours, we welcome you, welcome)

Arugbo Ojo (The Ancient of days)
(From the top)

Kabiyesi (Almighty God), we declare your majesty (x?)