How to be happy again 5

5. Get bigger than your sadnessWhenever my mind leads me astray, and whenever I fall down into a “dark hole” feeling sad and drained of energy, and perceiving my negative moods as being way bigger than I am, I remind myself the story of David and Goliath, and I tell myself:
“Just as “little” David defeated the gigantic Goliath, so can you “defeat” your “giants”. And then I do it. I “defeat them all… with LOVE 
You are way bigger than any sadness and any problem you might be facing. And whenever you think otherwise, it’s only because you allowed your mind to think all kind of fearful thoughts that made you look very small in comparison with your problems. Don’t believe the nonsense your mind is often asking you to believe. Get bigger than your sadness and you’ll immediately know how to love your pain away and how to bring light to those places where there was once so much sadness and so much darkness.