Virgin “Kuchikuchi” Singer, J’odie Engaged

Kuchikuchi Singer, J’odie Who Is A Virgin Engaged

.The “KuchiKuchi” (Oh Baby) singer and Nigerian Idol runner up announced her engagement on her instagram page this afternoon. She shared the photo below.

Congrats to her. 

She’s never been shy to say publicly that she has never had sex with a man before even despte being around her late 20s/early 30s. When asked about her sexual relationship sometimes back in an interview, below is what she said…
Personally, to me, it is wrong because I am not

married. I am not condemning those who do it; this is just my personal opinion. I really should

not have an opinion on sex because I don’t have any experience. Sex means nothing to me, so I can’t get into a relationship just because of that.