The next morning I woke up startled, my mum was at it again…she woke me up with a bucket of chilled water on my face, the anger of last night began to swell in me and I just wanted badly to push her down but a force restrained me, then she said to me “until you learn how to respect yourself and stop bringing shame to my family then we can live under the same roof together and make sure you bring with you that your friend you said you went to see else I don’t want to see or even perceive your disgrace around my corridor! Stupid girl! I didn’t kill my mother so you can’t kill me” 

 Neighbours were beginning to come out to know what I had done again, I just wasn’t ready to create a scene so I left with just my purse alongside my anger too,I walked down the street and saw a call center were I used my last cash to put a call through to Greg.The phone rang for some time before he picked up his call, immediately I told him everything that happened and in an hour time he was there to pick me. His anger knew no bounds,he rained insults on my mum and swore to avenge my maltreatment, after he got tired of his rantings, he paid the bills and we left.Greg took me to a friends place and asked me to stay put until we could sort things out between my mum and I. The lady I stayed with was a prostitute and although she barely stayed at home she taught me some body language techniques on how to get a man and some other naughty stuffs. Often times I had the house to myself and Greg usually came over to have a feel of what was in between my legs. Truth be told I was beginning to enjoy my sexual life with the mentality that I was punishing my mum and someday when am old enough I will be totally free. This continued for 3weeks thereabout and luckily for me school wasn’t on session then so I was less worried.One day while sitting in the one room apartment waiting for Greg, I had a loud knock on the door….I got up and I saw to my disappointment that it was not Greg but a gang member, he was in a haste to spill the beans and I let him…He said to me ‘Lady Ron, your dad is back and his presently searching for you’……Seriously???? Now this man has come to spoil my groove!!!! 

 How my dad handled the situation and how we settled the whole issue is what you should check out in our next Episode!! You don’t wanna miss it… 

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