There are so much lies and deception in our christian teachings today.many preachers and teachers of the word of God spend more time trying to win souls for Christ by telling unbelievers the juicy aspect of the Christian race mean while there are more to it…..Christianity is all about self denial,it is all about Jesus and finally it is all about the for you to be a christian you must be ready to deny your self certain pleasure of this world,also you must have unconditional love for Jesus,then develope passion for the kingdom of God .many preachers would tell you once you are in Christ every thing becomes new,no more sorrow,pain,everything would be well hence forth,that Christ took it all on the cross of Calvary.could it be true?,is there any geniue believer that can boldly say since he gave is life to Christ,it has been exciting,fun,rosy,and all round enjoyment?.why are we deceiving our selfs?.hear me a preacher I respect so much says Christianity is not a funfare but a warfare…..Christianity is all about it shall be well with you not everything would be well with you.the scripture says, say to the righteous that it shall be well with them.the word shall” talks about the end of something.That means there are times when all will not be well and then it would look as if there is no God.until you encounter pain,you have not started the race.Jesus said if you want to follow me,pick up your cross and follow me.The cross signifies pain,you must,be ready to deny your self earthly pleasure and set you affection on the kingdom.Jesus told the rich man to sell all is possessions and give it to the poor but he walked away bitterly because he had so much and was not willing to bare the pain of loosing all for Christ to be a christian you must be ready to bare pain and suffer for Christ shall be hated because of your faith.The book of Romans talks about the suffering of this present time,Christianity is all about faith because they are times you would pray without sin in your hands and God would hear and heaven would intentionally be silent.there are times whereby the promise of God that did not take more than a minute to manifest in a persons life,is still pending in your life even after 70years.This painful aspect of Christianity is different for all,but it’s a unique experience (pain).Check out Abraham,God made several promise to certain people in the bible and fulfilled them instantly but that of Abraham was different.90 yrs and even more is enough time for a human being that has waited on God to misbehave except the grace is available.The cross is a necessity,the pain is compulsory in fact,the scriptures says many not small are the afflictions of the righteous”.that is the essence of the Holy Spirit to comfort us while we encounter the pain/trying of our faith.He is our comforter.In Christianity you cannot succeed when you accommodate fear,Jesus in the New Testament kept on saying fear not each time he spoke about the suffering of a christian.If you cannot die for what you believe then what you believe is not worth it.the bible says and there loved not their lives”.All the disciples of Christ died a painful death,some were beheaded with their head bouncing on the floor like table tennis egg and some were brutally murdered.The end of the race is what makes the story sweet (heaven at last)and the reward.The bible says behold I come quickly and my reward is with me…..  
The essence of this writeup is for Christians and new convert to understand what their christian experience is all about and what it would be like. You must be ready to accept Christ as you lord and savior and still maintain your faith,wether he is there when you need him or not.

This writeup is to expose the real truth about Christianity and not to put fear on those who intend to give their life to Christ.

Jesus saves,he hears and cares for you but as you grow in the christian faith don’t let certain experience take you by surprise or make you to disrespect God or even go astray.Job stood by God in the mist of his pain,you too can do it.

The pain of a believer must give birth to a miracle.what you are going through may not look like were you are going to but God knows how to turn everything for your good.
Worldliness is sweet,but it would eventually give birth to pain and keep you in everlasting torment.
Righteousness could be painful depending on how you see it but it would give birth to a miracle and give you everlasting life.
    Bro.philemon H.(Writer)

Dedicated to the Holy Spirit who teaches me on the deep things of God!!