Your one true love will affect your life in more ways than just putting a smile on your face or giving you bottomerflies. Here are the reasons why:

1. He¡¯ll support you.No matter how big your dreams may be or how crazy your cravings are at 2 am, he understands and supports it, even if he may not get it.
When you¡¯re up all hours of the night cramming for an exam or trying to meet a work deadline, he¡¯ll be right by your side, cheering you on, making your third pot of coffee and rubbing your back when you need a 5-minute break.
2. He really listens to you.When you¡¯re venting about how much your mother is annoying you or how your best friend has betrayed you, he hears you.
Even though you may not think so, he¡¯s all ears at the moment, and he¡¯ll prove that he¡¯s been paying attention all along later down the line.
Your person will never forget what you say, when you say it and how you say it.
3. He builds with you, not for you.He will never say, ¡°You wouldn¡¯t have this if it weren¡¯t for me¡± because he works with you, as a team.
Together, you build for your futures, not separately. He only wants what is best for you because it¡¯s what is best for him, too.
4. You trust him, and vice versa.You know you¡¯ve found your person when a guys¡¯ or girls¡¯ night out is no big deal.
When he tells you he¡¯s having a night on the town, you don¡¯t freak out and stalk his friends¡¯ Snapchats and Instagrams for clues.
Instead, it¡¯s just a perk for you to veg out and finish bingeing the new series you just started.
5. You don¡¯t always have to be doing something.Not every day has to be jam-packed with plans. When you¡¯re with your person, even the chill days are magical.
From the minute you wake up, you know it¡¯ll be an adventure because nothing can ever be boring with him by your side.
6. He never puts you down.We, women, don¡¯t always feel our best. Some days we feel bloated, and other days we feel like failures. Weallhave our days.
Your person will never let you feel like that for more than a minute because he will be there to lift your confidence and spirit right back up.
He¡¯ll make sure you know you¡¯re the most special in a room full of people because he will always have his eyes on you.
7. He knows how you take your coffee.Personally, coffee is the key to happiness. Whether it¡¯s your coffee, your eggs or your alcohol, your person knows just how to make it and how to make it right.
My person always knows I need my large black iced coffee.
8. No matter how long you go without seeing each other, things never change.Life gets busy, and jobs, school, families and responsibilities always seem to drown us.
There will be weeks you just can¡¯t see your person, but when you do, it¡¯s never awkward or uncomfortable.
You two find any way to text or call while you can, and when you do see each other in person, it feels even better than the last.
9. But, you miss him immensely when he¡¯s gone.When you¡¯re swamped and just can¡¯t find any free time in your schedule, your person will never make you feel guilty about neglect.
Instead, he¡¯ll find ways to see you because he just misses you that much.
My boyfriend always Skypes me when I¡¯m swamped with work just so he can ¡°see my face.¡± Your person will always make it happen.
10. Any news that happens ¡ª good or bad ¡ª you reach to call him first.When you nail your interview, lose a family member or find a really good sale, your person is the first one you call.
He¡¯s the one who helped you with the hard decisions, the difficult emotions and the things you just can¡¯t figure out on your own.
He always gives the best advice, and he always knows what to say.

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