Creflo Dollar Asking for Money to Go Into Space

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Creflo Dollar Creflo Dollar

By Hamish Balfour
Entertainment Correspondent

Prosperity gospel preacher Creflo Dollar says he wants to be the first preacher in space and is raising $20 million to buy a ride on a Russian rocket.

“This will be a great moment in church history,” said Dollar, who is asking his followers to donate $200 each toward his trip. “I will be the first minister in space and I will also offer special prayers that will get to God faster.”

Dollar also said the idea came to him in a dream, when God asked him to do something bold that the world would remember.

“Preachers with private jets are a dime a dozen, but to my knowledge nobody has preached the gospel from space,” Dollar said. “I’ve been all over the world, but not out of the world.”

Dollar, who raised eyebrows when he asked his followers to pay for a…

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