They say ‘you can never know the truth until you’ve eaten the forbidden fruit’ of course this was true. Greg said in other for me to be Tougher, Badder, unreasonably Famous and start earning cash of my own I must be exposed and the only way for this to happen is if I had Sex!!

  Yes, I admit I watch porns and even dreamt of having sex someday but with this…. It was just too soon Menhh!!! I was as scared as hell, but also young and stupid and I gave in to Greg’s sweet talks. We fixed a date and where to do it. One evening few days to our already ‘disvirgin me plan’ (just as I call it), I changed my mind. But Greg wouldn’t take No! For an answer…he manipulated me, he kept on hampering on why I should do it. That night he yelled at me and said ‘Lady Ron, you want to mess this up abi?? Trust your guy now, you will become a bigger girl if you do it, besides you know I love you, this is something I will do myself so you see you have nothing to worry about’. Of course I had so much to worry about…it’s my pride we are talking about….but my Greg didn’t care, to him it will transform me and I do agree with him now because it did make my life take a crazy U-TURN.

7th August was the day. I still remember vividly. On that day I lied to my mum that I was going over to a friends place to get my assignments done since I don’t have the texts books for them and she let me go.I left home by 8pm, got to Greg’s place, took a cab to the hotel we’ve booked for weeks and got settled in the room. 

Help!!!! Omg, seriously I really was nervous, tensed, petrified, just name it.. Greg was patient with me, he let me smoke and take a long hard drink on my beer and when I was sure that I could barely think,I lay on the bed naked for my pride to be taken.

It was painfully Quick..nothing like what I watch in secrets(in porns). I left weak to the bones and I excused myself from Greg who was trying to make me relaxed and happy. I went into the bathroom, got dressed and looked myself real hard in the mirror…I had changed,I just noticed. We spent some time together and after that, Greg put me in a cab that took me home. Truth is, I wasn’t in the right mood to talk but guess who was standing at the door waiting for me??? My Mum…yea! I knew I was in for her Godly talks tonight and I wasn’t ready, infact I needed some good sleep.She wanted to know where I had been because she had been over to my friends place and she didn’t see evidence of my outing!! Of course I couldn’t have told her ‘ mum am going to have SEX!!’ So I had to lie and she still wants me to tell her that I just did??Hell no!!! I had to think of another lie…and what lie I told her, Find out in the next Episode, and you can bet my mum wouldn’t believe me and there is bound to be a FIGHT!!!! Find out next week!!!

A True story***

Writer: Ruth Idoko (Team member/director Global display book)