I am Sharon Oche,a native of idoma land.Am the first of seven children born into family of mr and mrs Oche.I and my family are Christians by religion,although I was born into a christian home I live my life the way I want to when ever I got the opportunity (when my strict mum wasn’t watching,because my dad never really cared). My parents were poor and my dad was always traveling trying to make ends meet,in other words he left the training to my mum.I was like every normal kid that grew up,I had dreams,plans,visions and so many more as a child. Amongst my peers I was the only one who wanted more from life than any other and in no time my adventure started when I got admission into the secondary school.In year two I got to meet Greg,he was nice and wild just like me.He was just the right guy for everything except books.He has everything you could think of,the money,the fame,the girls and he was the principals son.I envied him and not too long we became friends.My meeting with Greg began to change my life in the wrong direction.Through him I got to be initiated into a local all boys cult.It was an all boys cult but with Greg being the second in commander to the leader and me his friend,he was able to convince the leader,to make him see reason why I should be a member of the cult.During the initiation process I was made to drink a mixture of every ones urine,take an oath and carry out an operation in the staff room.The, operation I carried out was to break into the staff room through to the JS two form teachers desk and steal the test we wrote the previous day. It sounded crazy and weird for a girl to carryout this kind of mission but I was bold not to make Greg stupid after fighting for a place in the all boys cult for me. With his help the operation was successful.  

After my successful mission and initiation,I became known as ‘LADY RON’ ,a nick name given to me by the cult. I was a terror to both parents, teachers and most especially students.The fame and money I wanted,that I got.Greg  gave me the attention I wanted,I got respect and he also gave me cash when ever I needed it. The news of my new alliance with Greg who was a big bad boy in the school gave me swag.I could order my seniors and mate around.Greg and my new crew taught me so many crazy stuffs.I learnt how to smoke,street fight,break bottle,scare people,and most of all have sex!!!….yes you won’t believe it,I did at the early age of 14.
Find out with who,why,how,parents reaction.find out in next Sunday’s edition.
A true life story from Global display book team.
researcher:Ruth Idoko
writter:Ruth Idoko (Global display book int’l director)